Clayton Campbell

Rolfing Structural Integration, Therapeutic Massage

Clayton Campbell

Clayton Campbell, an accomplished practitioner of Rolfing Structural Integration, brings two decades of experience in yoga and bodywork to his healing arts practice with offices in Santa Monica, CA and NYC.

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Clayton received his first degree in massage from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1999, later studying Rolfing at the Guild for Structural Integration, where he received advanced degrees in 2002 and 2006. He continues to study under master body worker Harvey Ruderian.

Clayton is passionate, pioneering, and sought out by elite athletes, yogis, musicians, actors, and business men and women, due to his unparalleled and innovative approach to balancing bodily structure and optimizing well being.

Clayton has worked with thousands of clients including those recovering from sport injuries, auto accidents, musculo-skeletal injuries, and chronic ilness, as well as those simply looking to optimize their potential and reach their peak in life.

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Some of the conditions Clayton has treated with Rolfing Structural Integration

TMJ pain

Jaw tension

Mouth opening limitation

Muscle related tooth pain

Facial tension

Headaches, muscle tension

Headaches, migraine

Neck pain & stiffness


Esophageal spasm

Low back pain

'Sway back'

Poor balance


Shallow breathing

Shoulder stiffness & pain

'Dowagers hump'

Rotator cuff

Rounded shoulders

Slumped posture

Tennis elbow

Tight pelvis

Groin pull

Hip pain

Tailbone pain

Scar tissue pain & tightness

Foot pain

Plantar fascitis


Weak forearm/hand grip

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Upper back pain

Shallow breathing

Lower back pain

Fascia tightness


Knee pain

Shin splints

Ankle pain

Chronic complaints not responsive to conventional approaches

Post-surgical problems

Rolfing Structural Integration Session Benefits

Positive shifts in your alignment positively affect all of your body’s systems (immune, circulatory, nervous, and muscle). While the results of Rolfing Structural Integration differ from person to person, clients commonly report many of the following benefits:

Relief from pain

Improved posture

Greater self-confidence

Less stress and tension

Increased energy

Increased body awareness

Deeper breathing

More graceful movement

Feeling taller and straighter

Greater physical and emotional balance

Reduced post-delivery symptoms

Release of physical & sexual abuse trauma

Changes that can last for years


Clayton continues to bring a deep love of yoga to his practice and to his daily life. He has trained under Saul David Raye and Govind Das as well as many other acclaimed yoga instructors.

Clayton’s approach to yoga focuses on synthesizing good health and strength with the spiritual and mindful aspects of yoga. He has six years of experience teaching yoga at UCLA and Bhakti Yoga Shala, in Santa Monica.

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